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Office of Academic Affairs was established on July 1, 1987. The office consists of two sections: Registration Section and Teaching and Learning development Center . Registration Section is in charge of all registration service, academic records, applications for academic transcripts, credits transfer, minor and double major studies, study suspension, enrollment, preservation, and graduation ,as well as in charge of all recruitment and admission affairs, entrance, transfer, and recommendation examinations, international students applications, and enrollment quota control. Teaching and Learning development Center handles general curricular affairs, including course arrangement, course selection, teaching evaluation ,Curricular Committee meetings , Promoting Teaching Development, Developing Teaching Assistant System, Monitoring and Follow-up with Students with Poor Academic Performance, Establishing Related Protocols and Regulations for Teaching and Learning, Providing Workshops on Learning Strategies to Improve Learning Efficiency, Managing the Excellent Teaching Project, Managing the Self-learning Lounge, Discussion Room and Equipments for Teaching and Learning, Promoting the e-Teaching and e-Learning Platform. The office aims at providing service with quality and efficiency.
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